5 Tips to Make Your Summer Road Trip a Breeze

  • Zan Mendenhall
  • 07/9/21
Who said road trips had to be stressful? Whether your trip takes two hours or two days, these tips will help bring some peace of mind as you and the family get ready to hit the road.
    1. Pack Lunches – Bringing a cooler or lunchbox with sandwiches and easy snacks helps save time on the road by eliminating the need to stop for meals. You’ll also save some money and feel better about the food you’re eating! 
    2. Download a Podcast Series – Can’t agree on a music playlist? Try a podcast instead! Many podcasts are made as a series with multiple episodes. You’ll get a compelling audio narrative that can keep the family entertained for hours – and you’ll learn something new. 
    3. Expect the Unexpected – Even if your GPS predicts smooth sailing, things happen, and you may encounter unexpected delays on your route. Avoid stress by baking in an extra hour to your trip, especially if you have to be somewhere by a certain time. This is also helpful when traveling with little ones.
    4. Anticipate Your Fuel Stops – No one wants to be on a dark desert highway when the needle hits “E” — then the cool wind will really be in your hair! For longer trips, or ones that take you through remote areas, it’s always best to play it safe. Fill up once you hit a third of a tank, instead of waiting until empty. 
    5. Break Up the Trip – Got a longer drive in store? Consider breaking it up to reduce stress. Find fun and interesting points along the way, like small roadside attractions, parks or popular restaurants. Sure, you’ll add some time to the trip, but you can take it from a cumbersome drive to a memorable experience.
Wherever you end up this summer, make sure it’s low on stress and big on fun by following these tips as you begin your journey. Safe travels!

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